View a streaming video of The Belgian Bar online!

For those of you missing your favourite Xi’an watering hole or for those of you travellers who are thinking of paying your first visit here is a video of your award winning bar in Xi’an:

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Paul Helsby photographs The Belgian Bar, Xian

belgian bar xian china

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Scientists say drinking Belgian beer can help you lose weight!!!

As if we needed any further encouragement to drink Belgian beer here in Xian, along comes Professor Tim Spector who says that drinking traditionally brewed Belgian beer, especially wheat beer (such as Vedett White which we have on tap here, or Hoegaarden) or lambics (such as Lindemans or Liefmans) encourage the growth of beneficial gut flora which help you to melt fat!!!

Now that summer is here and we can enjoy the fabulous outdoor seating here in Xian at The Belgian Bar you can be sure that we will be putting the Professor’s advice to good use over the coming months.

Also don’t forget that Sunday and Monday nights have a great beer and tequila SPECIAL on all night for all students and teachers and everyone else too because on Sundays and Mondays EVERYONE can be a student of Belgian beer drinking culture and tequila shots here at The Belgian Bar!!!! No questions asked. 

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Michel Moortgat visits The Belgian Bar in Xian

On 7 April 2013, M. Michel Moortgat the CEO of Duvel-Moortgat brewery visited The Belgian Bar in Xi’an.

Mr Moortgat is a highly respected Belgian business man who recently won the 2014 Vlerick Award and so it was a great honour to be able to spend an evening with him.

He shared with us the history and future development plans of his company and in turn I was able to share with him my thoughts on the Chinese beer market.

A highlight of the evening was his demonstration of how to correctly pour a Duvel during which he showed his great sense of humour saying, “I better don’t stuff this up!”

That being done we all proceeded to conduct a very thorough tasting of his popular golden ale well into the wee hours of the morning. It is no wonder then that Duvel is one of the best selling beers at The Belgian Bar in Xi’an.


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Tripadvisor rates Belgian Bar #1 of 209 in Xian!

tripadvisor 2

tripadvisor has rated The Belgian Bar #1 of 209 entertainment/night life attractions in Xian.

Thank you to all our customers and friends for making The Belgian Bar the laid-back and relaxed watering hole that it is.

We value your feedback and always strive to keep improving!

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World’s Best Beer – Delirium Tremens now on tap at The Belgian Bar…

You may have noticed the fantastic pink elephant light box hanging at the entrance of The Belgian Bar in Xian. Now while we have enjoyed DT from the bottle since the Belgian Bar first opened more than 4 years ago, we have never had it on tap.

Well, things have changed! The Pink Elephant (fen xiang in Chinese), has landed and is here to stay. Exclusive to The Belgian Bar of course.

Delirium Tremens was named as “Best Beer in the World” in 2008 at the World Beer Championships in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Stuart Kallen gives it the number one spot in his The 50 Greatest Beers in the World.

NightOwl has observed a number of well-informed regulars now ordering nothing but Delirium Tremens draft which only goes to show that sometimes the professional beer tasters actually are right!

At 8.5% ABV this is a beer that needs to be respected even as it is enjoyed. It has an amazing golden colour, is crystal clear with very subtle carbonation and a great taste profile.

The beer has a huge worldwide cult following and there are even Delirium Cafes in Brussels, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Warsaw. Their website is well worth a visit.

World's Best Beer now on tap at The Belgian Bar!

World’s Best Beer now on tap at The Belgian Bar!

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